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Hitting the trail Hunters camping and Bushcraft style!

When we decide to hit the trail we always make sure we have a plan of action and somewhere to go. First off we decided that a trip to the Surrey hills was on the plate so I checked a map of the area (I know the area well) and got directions for travel via car.

We then decided we would do some product reviews at the same time as travelling the woods and fields. Using the gear is what we pride ourselves on so always watch out for the “Used by Us” statement on the bottom of each product, we also like to do a video on each product so you get the best view possible. So we both had our packing lists and got to it!

Packing our Canon 550D and JVC HDD Camera’s plus our personal kit and the tri-pods we knew it was going to be a heavy one. We both use Hammocks which are different brands and between us own most hammocks on the market so we have a good idea of what works and what does not. Sean arrived at mine to pick me up around midday so we had some time to pack the car up and drive to the woods. This only takes around one hour so we had plenty of time in the woods to set up camp and get ourselves sorted.

When we got to the woods we decided on a location to sleep the first night and stated our ferrying of kit to the location. The location of choice was a pine forest which was on a slight hill, this made many problems but having spent many nights there we knew how to deal with it. First order of the night was to set up our hammocks not only does this give us somewhere to sleep but also somewhere to sit, We also hung up our kit on the trees which keeps the mice at bay and saves our food. The night was almost perfect so we decided it was a no tarp night, this meant we could see out to sea and up at the stars.

It got dark before we knew it, time always flies when your having fun! Messing with the camera and new kit is always time consuming. It was long over due but dinner was on the cards as it was 10:30pm!! Our food for that night was some Spicy Cous Cous with Salami chopped up a quick brew to wash it down and as it was 01:45 time to climb into our hammocks and have a chat about what our plan was for the next day.

The morning came faster than we could imagine with the sun peering through the clouds low in the sky and the rest of the sky was grey, “looks like a chance of rain” I called out “maybe” comes back at me. I Jumped out of my hammock to start the Jetboil with some fresh ground coffee which really woke us up. The jetboils coffee press is such a good add on product which can liven up most camping trips if you love coffee. For breakfast it was porridge oats with fruit which we hydrated using our pot cozy system which takes around 10 minutes.

We packed up our hammocks and gear not long after having another brew, the jetboil makes fast work of this and it is always one of the last things we both pack away. The plan for the morning was to find a location in the woods to film a few reviews for the website, this didn’t take long as they were just to look at the product with a brief description. By lunch time we had returned to the car and dropped off a few things that we didn’t need for the night, this time we agreed to sleep on the floor with a fire to keep us warm. We used a DD XL tarp to cover us and our gear which was fantastic. The tarp was pegged out using the lean-to style and we covered up the gap at the floor end with debris and sticks we found from the surrounding area. For lunch we had the MX3 meals these are a dehydrated adventure type meal which only weighs 125g amazing food for the weight and very easy to do. Not long after we set to our task of getting the fire prep ready, one collecting wood and the other getting the fire pit ready, then we both cut up any other wood we needed. Once the fire was going well we went off in our different directions Sean went to get pictures and I went off for some more wood. We both met back at camp about 30 minutes later and set to the task of taking photos of some products for the website, the Jetboil, Fozzils set, billycans and pots were easy to get some good photos of. Later we used the Fozzils set to eat our dinner out of, we had a Curry of some sorts (two tins mixed together) cooked in the Jetboil in a pour and store bag, the rice was cooked over the fire in the 10cm billycan, This was washed down with some good ol’ sparkling Leffe beer.

The light was fading fast so we had a few things to address before it got too dark; Collect more wood and get our beds ready for the night. After these were done we sat down and rested after a long day, chatted about what needed to be finished before we left in the afternoon the next day. In the morning we finished off a few pictures and filmed a video then packed up our gear and headed off to the car. We dropped off all the kit we didn’t need, we planned to do a long walk around the woods and then up to “The Tower” which was a National Trust treasure. Minimal Gear was the word of the hike, with me taking water and my day bag and Sean taking his light weight dry bag rucksack with water, the camera and tripod.

Our walk saw us low in the valley the hitting some steep paths up to the tower, the weather was terribly hot by now and it was beaming down hard, this was a major set back as it slows progress. Anyway we hit the tower in good time, stopping at the shop for some sandwiches and cake before moving over to a bench which over looks some amazing scenery. We spent some time hear taking photos and scouting the area, before long we set off down a small footpath between some heather and brambles which lead us to some great finds, there were species of trees you don’t see often in this area which have been noted down as they have edible berries. We had walked around 6km by now which had seen us on sandy, rocky and grassed paths before hitting the bull field which was a funny affair, walking whilst looking out for bulls this can be worrying at times if you’re not sure of what size they are.

We got backed to the car late afternoon and shattered we were the final estimate of distance was 8.6km most of which was up hill on sandy paths, this tested us but we pulled through but ran out of water about a kilometre away from the car. We saw some great fauna and flora not much sign in the way of wildlife but as there was many walkers out this hindered our progress in tracking anything.

On arriving to the car we made sure we drank enough water and ate some food to cover us on our journey back home. We had a good photo taken before we left. A weekend truly enjoyed!

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